No Doc Residential

No Doc residential loans are typically utilized by individuals who may have difficulty providing traditional income documentation or have unconventional income sources. Some common examples of individuals who may use No Doc loans include:

  • Self-employed individuals: Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners often have fluctuating income or non-traditional documentation, making it challenging to qualify for conventional mortgages.
  • Commission-based earners: Sales professionals and real estate agents who rely heavily on commissions may find it difficult to provide consistent income documentation required by traditional lenders.
  • Seasonal workers: Individuals with seasonal employment may struggle to meet the income verification requirements of conventional mortgages.
  • Investors: Real estate investors who own multiple properties may find it cumbersome to gather documentation for each property’s income and expenses, making a No Doc loan a more convenient option.
  • Those with limited credit history: Borrowers who have a limited credit history or unique financial circumstances may opt for a No Doc loan to expedite the mortgage approval process.

Overall, No Doc loans provide flexibility for borrowers who may not fit the traditional lending criteria, allowing them to secure residential financing without the extensive documentation required by conventional mortgages.

Loan Details


Purchase, Refinance, Cash Out for commercial purposes

Loan Type

No Doc

Borrower Type

Company and Corporate Trust Borrower

Loan Amount

Up to $5,000,000 per security

Repayment Type

Interest Only – all interest and fees can be capitalized into facility


Max 70%

Security Type

Residential House
Residential Unit
Residential Land
Commercial Development Site


Up to 3 years


Indicative rates from 9.95% (dependent on location and security)
Establishment Fee – 2.2%
Commercial Line Fine – 0.15% per month
Application Fees – 0.3%


Brokerage – Case by Case


Application Form
Copy of current Rates notice or contract of sale
100 points of identification
Brief Overview of Purpose and Applicant with Exit Strategy
Self Declaration
* The above is for reference purposes only and is subject to credit approval and is subject to change at any time.