No Doc Commercial

No Doc commercial loans are primarily utilized by businesses and investors who require financing for commercial properties but may encounter challenges providing traditional income documentation. Here are some examples of individuals and entities who may use No Doc commercial loans:

  • Small business owners: Entrepreneurs who own small businesses may find it difficult to provide extensive financial documentation required by traditional lenders. No Doc commercial loans offer a streamlined alternative for acquiring financing to purchase or refinance commercial properties.
  • Real estate investors: Investors who specialize in commercial properties, such as office buildings, retail centers, or multifamily units, often opt for No Doc loans to expedite the financing process. These investors may have multiple properties and complex financial portfolios, making traditional income verification cumbersome.
  • Start-up businesses: New businesses with limited operating history may not have sufficient financial documentation to qualify for conventional commercial loans. No Doc loans provide a viable option for start-ups to secure financing for their commercial property needs.
  • Seasonal businesses: Businesses with seasonal revenue fluctuations, such as tourism-related businesses or agricultural enterprises, may find it challenging to provide consistent income documentation. No Doc loans offer flexibility by not requiring extensive financial paperwork, making them suitable for seasonal businesses.
  • Self-employed professionals: Individuals who are self-employed, such as consultants, contractors, or freelancers, may choose No Doc commercial loans due to the variability of their income streams and the challenges associated with documenting their earnings.

Overall, No Doc commercial loans provide a flexible financing solution for businesses and investors who may have difficulty meeting the stringent documentation requirements of traditional commercial lenders. These loans enable borrowers to access the capital they need to acquire, refinance, or invest in commercial properties without the hassle of extensive income verification.

Loan Details


Purchase, Refinance, Cash Out for commercial purposes

Loan Type

No Doc

Borrower Type

Company and Corporate Trust Borrower

Loan Amount

Up to $3,000,000 per security

Repayment Type

Interest Only – all interest and fees can be capitalized into facility


Max 65%

Security Type

Commercial Factory
Commercial Unit/s
Commercial Development Site


Up to 3 years


Indicative rates from 10.45% (dependent location and security)
Establishment Fee – 2.2%
Commercial Line Fine – 0.15% per month
Application Fees – 0.3%


Application Form
Copy of current Rates notice or contract of sale
100 points of identification
Brief Overview of Purpose and Applicant with Exit Strategy
Self Declaration
* The above is for reference purposes only and is subject to credit approval and is subject to change at any time