Low Doc Residential

Low Doc residential loans are primarily utilized by individuals who may have difficulty providing traditional income documentation or have unconventional income sources. Here are some examples of who may use Low Doc loans:

  • Self-employed individuals: Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners often have fluctuating income or non-traditional documentation, making it challenging to qualify for conventional mortgages. Low Doc loans offer a streamlined alternative for these individuals to access residential financing without extensive income verification requirements.
  • Contractors and freelancers: Individuals working on a contract basis or in the gig economy may find it difficult to provide consistent income documentation required by traditional lenders. Low Doc loans accommodate these borrowers by allowing them to provide alternative forms of income verification, such as bank statements or a letter from their accountant.
  • Seasonal workers: Workers with seasonal employment or variable income streams may struggle to meet the strict income documentation requirements of conventional mortgages. Low Doc loans provide flexibility for these borrowers, allowing them to secure residential financing based on their overall financial situation rather than just their documented income.
  • Property investors: Real estate investors who own multiple properties or have complex financial portfolios may opt for Low Doc loans to expedite the financing process. These investors may have difficulty providing extensive income documentation for each property and find Low Doc loans to be a more convenient option for acquiring residential properties.
  • Individuals with non-traditional income sources: Borrowers with income from sources such as investments, rental properties, or trusts may have difficulty providing traditional income documentation required by conventional lenders. Low Doc loans cater to these individuals by considering alternative forms of income verification, making it easier for them to qualify for residential financing.

Overall, Low Doc residential loans provide a flexible financing solution for borrowers who may not fit the traditional lending criteria. These loans offer an alternative path to homeownership for self-employed individuals, contractors, seasonal workers, property investors, and others with unconventional income sources or documentation challenges.

Loan Details


Purchase, Refinance, Cash Out Residential

Loan Type

Low Doc - Accountant’s letter or most recent 12 months BAS

Borrower Type

Company Borrower with ACN or Corporate Trust

Loan Amount

Up to $2,500,000 per security*


Up to 70%

Security Type


Metro Postcode

NSW/VIC/QLD – max LVR 70% - max loan size $2.5m**

Regional Postcode

NSW/VIC/QLD – max LVR 70% - max loan size $1.5m**


Up to 30 years


Indicative rates from 7.55%
* Loading on amounts over $1,500,000
** Max exposure to a single borrower $5,000,000
The above is for reference purposes only and is subject to credit approval and is subject to change at any time