Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How much can I borrow?
This varies, but normally up to $5m, depending on LVR, location and is subject to credit assessment.
Will I be approved?

Marway Capital only lend to company/corporate borrowers for business and investment purposes. To be eligible you must be a company borrower.

How fast will I get an approval?
We will supply a loan approval within 24 hours of all paperwork being submitted acceptable to our credit team
What is my loan term?
We can do loans up to 3 years. 30 days’ notice is required if you would like to pay out your loan early.
What are my repayment options?

All loans are interest only, payable monthly. Some loans may require a period of capitalised, or upfront interest paid which is taken at settlement.

What is the maximum loan I can have?
Max Loan amount is $5million per security property
What security do you take?
1st mortgage is required over the security property. This can be residential house, unit, commercial property or land.
Do I have to supply tax returns for my application?
No, this loan is a No Doc loan which means you declare your income on your application form